NUBIA developed Environment Management Plan (EMP) for managing environment. The purpose of this EMP is to establish Chinggis Khan International Airport (CKIA) operational requirements and plan that ensures CKIA delivers its stated business objective in an environmentally responsible manner. Systematic environmental management is the key to understanding and managing adverse environmental impacts from the development and operation of airport business function, and for ensuring support from the top to bottom of the organizational structure.

The EMP provides an umbrella document that supports a framework of operational documents that ensure effective environmental management of the CKIA.

The EMP includes:

1. Waste Management.
2. Buildings / Terminals Environmental Management
3. Environment Monitoring including:

  • Air Quality
  • Energy consumption
  • Sewage / Ground Water and Soil Monitoring 
  • Emissions
  • Noise
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Wildlife management

4. Emergency Response.
5. Environmental Auditing.
6. Risk & Change Management


The Board Directors and Management team of NUBIA LLC would be committed to develop the strategy of CKIA to become the "Green Airport", and it would be one of main policies for sustainable airport operation.
The CEO of NUBIA would committed:

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